Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your Favorite Birthday

Hmm... This is a hard one. Okay, I've thought about it and it's not so hard anymore.

I don't even remember how old I was turning, but My best friend kidnapped me in the morning and forced me to wear princess garb to school. At school she made sure everyone knew It was my birthday with a bouquet of balloons tied to my backpack. That evening she took me home and gave me a red outfit to wear, didn't tell me much more than that I had to wear it and took me out. Turns out we just ended up at her house, were an entourage of people were waiting in surprise and we played a "How to Host a Murder" type game based on clue characters completely invented by my friends. I was Miss Scarlet.

I think that's right- though I may be blending two birthdays together in my mind. I suppose I owe a thanks to Britt, because I don't think so many people would have come if I had done the planning and hosting and inviting, and it made me feel all special. and not just the party guests, but the whole thing was great. And it's all Britt's fault.

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