Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Misc

Here are some more illustrations of what I think are my kids doing cute things. Happy New Year!

One of the leisurely mornings at Gramma Faber's, hanging out reading a book with Aunt Shelly.

Later, Back at "Reesey's house":

Reese and Liam watching stuff on the computer together. Awe!

Reese helps Mama feed Liam.

Double Awe!

Reese and Liam playing on Reese's bed together.

Triple Awe!

Ready for "cool" (as Reese has dubbed "school") with her backpack and sunglasses. This is just pretend, of course. Reese's backpack really holds the set of kitchen tools she got for Christmas instead of crayons and books.

I couldn't help but race for the camera when these guys were sitting all picture-perfect together.

We had a dance party earlier today, and Liam decided that he didn't want to be left out. Both of my children are the type that just don't want to be left out of anything.

Some boring footage of my boy being an expert sitter-upper. Not a lot of action, true, but i still get all proud when He doesn't fall over.

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