Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Siblings

My siblings as I know them.


Jasmine is the oldest- the one that seemed to pave the way for the rest of us. That's the way I felt, anyway. I had no idea what came after high school. I had no idea how to go from student (what I was) to functioning adult (my parents). I hadn't seen anyone ever make the transition until Jasmine did. That's how I see her- the life to follow. I don't think I've ever told her that before. We were never close as kids, but she still says things that make me stop and consider without even knowing that she does it. I don't think so, anyway. She's proven her intelligence many times over. Jasmine, do you know what influence you have?


I always thought of Jessica as the smart one. She's the one I saw study. The one who got upset that one time because she wasn't understanding the math homework- but that was the only time in her life that ever happened. She understood everything else, and eventually got that assignment worked out, too. Always practical and always loving, I think of Jessica as the one who has all the answers and she wins the "most likely to catch me if I fall" award.


Okay Megan, forgive me, but I've always thought of you as the family diva. Megan is ambitious, stylish, clever and fun. As the sibling just younger than me, she's been my closest sister. Although she reminds me all the time how my friend and I were sooo mean to her, I have fond memories of playing together as kids. Nowadays I'm always excited to see and talk to her, and pretty proud that she's the first Faber girl to get over our genetic queasy-at-the-mention-of-body-insides syndrome and become a medical professional. Boy she's got a lot of daring and spunk. (And you're about to make a great mom, I know it.)


I'm sorry to say that I feel like my brother drifted away from the family during his high school years. And I'll bet he doesn't know this but I missed him. I feel like now he's making an effort to reconnect with his siblings, and I hope that we'll get the chance to get closer as the years go on. I do know that he's an affectionate uncle, and that he has a passion for the musical arts. I've always thought of my brother as "cool". I'm excited when I think about his potential for the future. Crazy awesome potential- but that doesn't mean he isn't crazy awesome now.


Okay remember, other siblings, that this is from my point of view, but I think Shelly has always been the fun one. Deal with it. She has creativity and imagination, but also a good heart and smarts. She just did fantastic at her first semester of university and set to go exploring around all the possibilities ahead of her. I don't know if she thinks of it that way, but when she talks about what her plans are, I get a little jealous of her ideas and opportunities. This is one girl who is going places.


Of all my siblings, I see myself most in Lauren. Not that she's a mini me, more like a kindred spirit. I feel an echo of my life when I hear about hers, and it makes me both relate and sympathize. But if her paths can be described as a version of mine, I think she's learning better from it than I did. Lauren has big ideas like I had, but is actually fulfilling some of them. I love talking to her and have gotten into the habit of asking her for a CD of her favorite music every time I visit. She has her own style. She balances all sorts of craziness all at once and handles it gracefully (with only few break downs). (PS: In following poster I would like to point out that I was going for vamp, not tramp, as in a character she might portray because she loves playing roles.)


Kenzie has recently surprised me with the amount of growing up she has done. As my baby sister, I have always thought of her as a little girl. A bookworm, brainiac and and avid video gamer, I was interested to learn that she is growing into other spheres of learning and socialization. She's no longer the little girl I have pictured in the poster below, she's growing into a young woman quicker and more gracefully than I expected. And she has a magic ability to charm little children, so she must have a sparkling spirit.

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