Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Day

This was supposed to be posted yesterday. It will probably happen again. Sorry.

My day must be masked in secrecy because it includes birthday preparations for someone who will probably read this before his birthday. And honestly, I think I can't remember a ton of things that happened. I've been so busy that things from the whole week start to blend together. So here are some highlights:

Liam looked like a model for baby Gap today. Such a cutie
Reese had a three-hour nap after going to her friend's house.
Ice cream cravings. But that happens every day.
Granola cravings- but those are expensive, so I save them for breakfast on gym days when I might have to rush out the door.
Picked up the living room- and it's still pretty clean!
Picked up Reese's room- and I don't know how clean it still is because I put Reese to bed about 25 minutes ago and I don't know if she's fallen asleep yet. It was looking pretty good the last time I saw it, though.
Some secret stuff, as I previously warned you about
Talked to Emily and invited her over tomorrow. I love having people that actually like visiting me.
Checking to see if my gift card code has been posted yet (it hasn't)
Fajitas for dinner. Yummy!
Reese actually ate pretty well today. She had some fajita and liked it. She had some tortilla corners sticking out of her mouth that looked like vampire teeth. When we told her this she said no, she's not a vampire, she's a ghost.
New episode of The Office. The appetizer segment at the beginning was pretty lame.
Now Will is watching a b-ball game and I can't help but think of my friends the Riggins because Gonzaga is playing and for some reason I associate Brett with Gonzaga. Maybe because he's a fan?
And I've been hungry way too often today.

I suppose you can tell a little about what's important to me by what I consider "highlights".

If you don't know what this blog entry is about, here's the list. Check it out.

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