Saturday, January 22, 2011

Your Beliefs

"Beliefs" makes me think about religion. So, once again, you can check out my other blog if you want to hear about that. There's a link on the side under "other blogs" if you care. Other then that, here are some things that I think are true, but I'm not sure, and therefore are classified as "beliefs".

  • I believe that my oven runs hot by a good 50 degrees or more
  • I believe that I am going to move to Arizona
  • I believe that whole wheat things really are better for you than white endosperm wheat products
  • I believe that one day I will own a minivan
  • I believe that I'll get the chance to know my two older sisters and my one brother better than I do now and that, hopefully, they'll want to know me, too
  • I believe that my time to get to know the rest of my family better is right now, and I'm glad they let me hang out with them when I visit.
  • I believe that my checking-out of any kids books where the characters go potty in the potty chair will one day pay off
  • I believe that if I look into the refrigerator just one more time there might be something tasty that I overlooked the other times
  • I believe that cubic zirconia is just as pretty as real diamonds

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