Friday, January 14, 2011

Six Months

Liam is six months old today. He's a cutie. Here are some things about him:

Sits up by himself fairly well . First solids (rice cereal a couple of times and (don't tell on me) a strawberry) . fuzzy blond hair . sleeps from 10 pm to 7am, and again until 8 am when I give him his pacifier . loves to watch kids playing . loves to wiggle . hasn't figured out rolling over, though he practices with Mama almost every day. wears the same size diapers as his two-year-old sister . likes to stand up . goes from zero to tantrum in point two seconds when you try to put him down . gets excited when Daddy comes home . likes to suck on fabric (among other things) . tries sooo hard to grab the books that I read to him and Reese . Gets very upset when I don't let him grab the books that I read to him and Reese . Smiles a lot . gets excited when he sees me after a nap or a car ride . loves rubbing noses . squealy laugh .

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