Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's in Your Bag by Will

So Anna gets to do all the typing on this thing and then I wonder, "Hmmm what is going on in my life. I better check our blog." Yup that is how exciting my life is. But more importantly what is in my bag.

Today I had three bags and I felt like a girl lugging around all my stuff. First, I have a backpack. That has my computer, change, herbal tea, a huge textbook, some white board markers, a note pad, The Economist (3 of them), and some other writing utensils. In my second bag I have stinky clothes and a wet towel. Now that I only have 9 credits in school, last semester I technically had 19, I have a lot of time on my hands and workout with a friend on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In my last bag there is lunch that was "more than cool", curry.

Now for the reason you all tuned into this, what is in Anna's bag. A wallet, diapers, keys (sometimes) and girly things, I think. I rarely look in Anna's bag.

A side note, if you ever look in Reese's bag you will find toys or as Reese likes to say, "Koys".
Notice the backpack on the shoulders. It is a Thomas the Train Engine bag that I got from Spinal Interventions.

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