Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Week

Wow. I'm a mom- I don't think in weeks, I think in nows. Okay lets think....

Macey was going to come over and play with Reese on Tuesday, but she was sick. We rescheduled.
I was supposed to go visiting teaching that afternoon, but my companion was sick. We rescheduled.
Instead of playing with Macey and visiting teaching, we went to the mall and stayed there between three and four hours.
I bought milk.
I made peanut chicken for dinner tonight, taco salad for dinner last night, Chicken soup on Monday and Will made curry on Sunday. Tomorrow we'll have biscuits and gravy. I'd have to check my list to tell you the dinner plans for the rest of the week- but I'm pretty sure we have leftovers scheduled for Saturday.
Liam has been a schedule-snubbing punk all week.
On Monday I invited a friend over. We ate lunch and talked for hours.
Reese learned how to play hide-and-seek this week. Sort of. I'm not sure how to make her understand that you aren't supposed to shout out where you're hiding.
I've gone to the gym on my regularly scheduled program.
I went to a Relief Society meeting tonight. We made microwave warming packs. The bishop's wife gave the idea to heat them up and put them in the bed to warm your feet. I think I'll try it.
Tomorrow Alice is coming over to play with Reese. I'm excited for friends.
We went to an LDS Institute of Religion class. It's for moms who bring their kids. Usually Reese plays with them. Today she moped and tried to get me to read books and do puzzles with her while I was trying to participate in the lesson.
I don't have anything else written on my calendar for the week. I wonder if that means I don't have any other plans.
I have to go grocery shopping.

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